• Goals
  • New year, new ideas, new … you get the idea.

    I ain’t gonna lie. I wasn’t really looking forward to the new year. In a few weeks, that guy’s gonna be our new president and it’s gonna be a shit show. I don’t think I can even watch. In face, I can’t even stand looking at HIS face, much less watch him talk.

    Nevertheless, the new year calls for new goals, renewed energy and drive, and of course, focus. While it may be a cliche, but I really do enjoy taking the time to outline goals for the new year. To me, it’s a chance to start over, to reassess what happened in the previous year and what I want to happen in the next.

    I haven’t really taken the time to go over my goals in the several areas of my life (e.g., personal, business) but I know I do want to …

    1. Working on saving money – it’s almost ridiculous how much we spent on going out, on alcohol and frivolous stuff. Given that Willie and I’ve some big goals, that needs to change.
    2. Taking care of my body – I’m joining the world-wide chorus of ‘I need to go to the gym more often’. I’ve slacked off in this area and would love to work on strength training and running. Also, in February, I’m starting a Fast Metabolism Diet which of course, the progress and my experience with, I’ll share with you on this blog.
    3. Focusing on my business – I run a Direct Sales (heeeeey now, don’t roll your eyes!) business under Agnes & Dora on Facebook and would love to hit some big goals – and numbers – before I ‘retire’ it.
    4. Doing some fun stuff – I plan to read more often this year AND do a craft activity every month. No, I’m not in preschool, why do you ask?
    5. Hanging out with my husband, and just my husband alone – in other words, this year, I’d love to go on a date with Willie every month. We barely see each other these days, I miss having fun with the guy. It’s time to well, make the time for us.

    So, yeah, I’m ambitious. But then again, if, you know, that guy can win the presidency, then I can do these things, surely. So, 2017, despite it all, I’m ready for you!


  • Goals
  • Back to my regularly scheduled posts.


    “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.’  – unknown

    Whoa. Since that whole stomach flu fiasco the day before Thanksgiving, I’ve been letting certain things, including this blog, slide. It’s hard to get back on track when you’ve slipped off and decided it’s okay to take a brief vacation because, #treatyoself!

    As a result, I haven’t been to the gym for almost a month now, I’ve been eating and sleeping craptastically, and wine’s my BFF in the evenings. I’m still not feeling (or looking) too hot. I still cry about the election (jeez, never, ever did I anticipate the strong emotional reaction I’d have seeing Hilary get the ‘the door’s over there, don’t let it hit you on the way out’ message by the crazies in this country). In sum, I haven’t been taking care of myself and it’s affecting the other areas in my life.

    So, it’s time to get back to myself, so I can be a good mom, wife, friend, community volunteer (you get the idea). Earlier today, thanks to Cook Smarts, I’ve got my dinners planned out for the week. I plan to hit the gym more often than not this week. And most importantly, I’m going to make sure I get to bed at a decent hour and get up at a time that doesn’t result in a mad, frantic rush in the mornings.

    Regardless of it all, last month’s posts reminded me I’ve so, so much good going on in this precious life of mine. It’s time to start embracing it, not let it slide by because I’ve not been doing the little things that keeps me fully engaged.