Day 11: Delaney.

Five years ago today, Willie and I met a spunky little girl who would forever change our lives. After a 4 hour labor, Delaney came into the world protesting her forced exit by the way of pitocin. The nurse laid her on my chest almost immediately afterwards and I was smitten at first sight. Here was this little girl that I was granted the privilege of raising, of being her mom, looking around me curiously, wondering what the heck was up. Then she looked at me and I think right then, she knew she was okay and I knew I’d be too.

Today, I wanted to make her feel special, so she’d know how much happiness she’s brought us. We celebrated her fifth birthday by doing all kinds of things: a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts, a stop by the Veteran’s Day parade in downtown Austin, then after a rest at home, a meeting with her teachers for the parents teacher conference. Of course, they had nothing but great things to say about her. We then took a ride on the little train at Zilker Park then headed to Via 313 for a birthday dinner (her choice! The Detroit in me is proud) and then opened presents at home.

I wish I could do so much more for this little girl. I want to celebrate her everyday because she brings so much joy to Willie and me. She’s getting into telling stories, asking questions about everything (why? why? … why?). She’s kind, generous, smart, funny (oh SO funny!), easy-going and many more strong qualities, this post will end up as a novel.

My sweet Delaney, happy, happiest birthday to you. We love the person you’ve become and can’t wait to see what the next cycle around the sun brings you. Mommy is so thankful for you every day, all the time.


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