Day 12 & 13: Laughing, living and loving.

Saturday was a long day, so I opted out of updating this blog. The camera didn’t catch a break because I recorded the picture below, of the girls goofing off, squeezing themselves into Delaney’s dollhouse, giggling all the while, all before bedtime. My girls, they are so precious. I’m thankful that they have each other, that despite all the fights and the resulting tears, they find little pockets of joy here and there. It’s all about those tiny fragments of happiness.


Today, it was a celebration of birth. We had a party to celebrate Delaney’s birthday; her buddies came over and indulged in some bouncy-house and piñata fun. it wasn’t by any means a Pinterest worthy party, I couldn’t find comic books to do the banners I had envisioned stringing across the garage, the face masks looked like a hack job (dear me: next time, don’t attempt a late-night crafting session the night before the party), and we had woefully low numbers of chairs and tables to go around for the guests. But the most important thing was that Delaney and her friends had fun, burned a ton of energy and hopefully, for their parents, went to bed early tonight.

I’m so glad to have captured these moments, of a little girl on her special day, feeling loved and celebrated, as she should be (as we all should be). My sweet Delaney, you are so, so loved. I’m thankful for the memories we are creating together.

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Then it was a celebration of a life. We went to a memorial service for a sweet little boy who passed away from ependymoma, a form of brain cancer. It was a beautiful service: sweet, sad, poignant. People got up to to share stories and memories of little Aydan, each word signed or said kept him alive a little longer, his presence real. And the pictures – oh the pictures. With the help of his parents, he made the most of the short life he had and that was evident from the pictures shared at the service: he traveled, he laughed and cried and loved, he relished in the deep bonds with his family and friends. His days were limited to years, to months and then to days, but the memories he created with his loved ones will transcend the limits of time. Godspeed, Aydan. Thank you for that gentle reminder of the fragility of life, of what it means to have truly lived, and for introducing me to a new food favorite: the waffle sandwich.

Many hearts are aching for his mom, dad, sister and baby brother tonight and all the days ahead.

Also, fuck cancer.

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