Day 18: Experiences.

My oldest left this morning, with her daddy, to Minnesota to visit his family. It was hard to let her go this morning – I had to fight the urge to do that sad little run after the car as it drives away. At the same time, I know how much Delaney loves her family on Willie’s side and how excited she was for this trip. In fact, when we FaceTimed this evening, that little girl was all smiles and happiness and joy. So, I’m so thankful she has this experience, that she has opportunities to shine away from her mom’s watchful gaze, to culivate relationships with her extended family, especially those adorable cousins of hers.

So it’s just Alise and me the next few days. We had fun exploring the Mckenna’s Children Museum this morning. The drive is rather long but seeing my youngest in her element was worth it. It’s such a great museum, one that I wish we had closer to Austin. Regardless, I did have a nice time catching a glimpse of Small Town, Texas during the drive. Better yet was the chance to see my youngest interact with her little friends – the best medicine, really.

I’m so thankful that my little girls have these experiences, away from home, outside the little bubble that is family.

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