Day 19: Perseverance.

It was a long day. Willie’s out of town with my oldest, Delaney, so I have little Alise with me for the weekend. This morning, when I woke up, it feel like a semi-truck hit me, then hit reverse to make sure the damage was done. Well, I was feeling it alright, and of course, the one person who could help me is out of town. Nice seeing you, Mr. Murphy!

Somehow, we made it through, Alise and me. By midday, I started to feel better so I took her to the park in our neighborhood. We managed to have fun. She’s such a delight to be with, full of smiles and goofiness, curiosity and little toddler bravado. I love seeing her take on the world (well, okay, the big kid slide) with such determination and focus. I’m so thankful that we both persevered throughout the day in our own ways, for different reasons. Despite it all, it was a good one.

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