Day 20 & 21: Humor & Quality Time.

Yesterday was a crazy day. I somehow thought it’d be a good idea to host an Agnes & Dora online pop-up in my group, and it was a huge success. But that success translated into hours of work, invoicing and packaging, interacting with customers and answering questions. I was getting a little stressed out, it was late and I had missed dinner (HANGRY!). so, yeah, I was getting cranky.

Then comes in my youngest, Alise, strolling in like this:

img_3148I know, I know, it’s a terrible picture, but it’s the best one from yesterday. Regardless, it was exactly what I needed to see. I suspect she knew it too, so she walked over to me, scattering little cards while exclaiming, ‘Oops!’, while wearing that diaper on her head. That little girl has spot on timing – she has such a great sense of humor, and I was so thankful for that last night!

While Willie and Delaney were up north, Alise and I had some great bonding time together. While I was sad to see them leave, in a way it was nice to have this time with Alise. I’m thankful for this qualify time I got in with her over the weekend. She’s a strong-willed girl, with ideas of her own, and has a great sense of humor. She’s a terrible eater, omg – girl turns up her nose at almost everything I gave her! – yet loves to pretend to cook and go food shopping. Go figure.

I’m a lucky, lucky mom.

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