Day 24: Turkey Day

Whoa. The last two days were a doozy. I’m not sure what happened Tuesday – I think I was really dragging my feet, feeling tired and out of it – so it wasn’t with much surprise that I came down with a vicious case of the stomach flu yesterday. I threw up, became very intimate with the toilet, had aches and pain from head to toe, and was fully immersed in a pity party of one. But by Thursday evening, I started to rebound, with an almost absurd craving for sweets (my darling husband ran to Whole Foods to indulge by getting me a fruit tart. I LOVE YOU BABY!).

Today was nice. I’m so glad strangers opened their home to us, let us join their friends (some of whom are mutual friends). We brought a salad and stuffing, and dined on some great food and had even better conversations. The girls had fun playing with the other kids there, when it came time to leave, Willie and I had to drag them to the car. I don’t blame them!

We’ve so much to be thankful in our lives right now. I could go on and on but I think if you skip the last 20 or so posts, you’ll get an idea of what I’m grateful for these days. Life is good, it has its ups and downs but somehow things always swing back to the center, to that point where I’m content and happy and just grateful for everything.

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And that's it for us, folks.
And that’s it for us, folks.

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