Day 10: Celebrations.

Today, I’ve been running around to get stuff ready for my oldest daughter’s birthday. Tomorrow, she turns the big 5. These days, I look at her and am struck by how much she’s grown. During the Halloween costume contest in our neighborhood, they had kids line up according to their age groups. I looked over at her age group and there was Delaney, towering over all the little kids in the 4-5 group. Wait, whaaaa – when did this happen?

So, yeah, she turns five tomorrow and I’m so excited to make her day special. It’s been a hard week so I’m ready to focus on my family, to celebrate the good that is here now because, god knows, life is going to be very hard once that man assumes his position. But for tomorrow and this weekend, good shall prevail.

I’m thankful, so thankful we have the means to make our children’s milestones special, and that despite all the craziness, there is still so much good to be embraced.

Celebration goods.
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