Happy birthday to my sweet D.

We waited so long for her.  The day we got to meet her was one of the best days of my life.

Meeting my beautiful girl for the first time.

My brilliant, funny little girl turned 4 today.  How can this be?

Ready to take on the world.

After picking up Delaney from school yesterday, I asked if she was excited about turning 4 tomorrow which resulted in the following conversation:

Delaney: ‘I don’t want turn 4. I want to stay 3.’
Me: ‘Oh! Why don’t you want to be 4?’
Delaney:Because I’ll get bigger. Then I turn five then I get more bigger. Then six, bigger. Then seven, bigger. Then my head will crash through the ceiling and then the roof and then I’ll see the moon. I don’t want to see the moon. I want to stay with you and Alise.’

Oh sweet child, all the feels. I’m selfishly thankful that she doesn’t want to see the moon, just yet, because I know it’s inevitable. Case in point: Willie and I got her a bike today, about 30 minutes later, she was zooming off on it, sans training wheels.  She’s ready to fly.

Happy birthday, my sweet D, and don’t be afraid of the moon, we’ll always be there for you.

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