House Facelift.

Our major house renovation has begun! We plan to expand the kitchen, tearing a wall so it’s more open, and expand the dining room so there’s a bit more room in that area. The laundry room will also get an overhaul, it’ll be a bit smaller to make the kitchen less claustrophobic, but will be cleaner (no more textured walls), with higher ceilings. New floors will also be laid (?), replacing the tile we currently have.

Oh god, what have we gotten ourselves into?

It’s a bit stressful right now because we have a few factors that are pending, factors that will help pay for this remodel. If these factors fall though, you know there will be a massive panic attack on my end here. Thank god my husband is the calm, steady type, with a huge dose of optimism because I’m most certainly not that type, ha!

Right now, there’s no turning back, as made evident by these pictures.

Those two little butterballs make everything seem perfectly fine. I’m keeping the faith that everything will work out.

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