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    It’s amazing how time flies. Summer’s right around the corner, marking the end of another school year. As it is with the last few weeks of the school year, it’s been a flurry of activities for the family. First up was my youngest daughter’s graduation from the¬†toddler program at her school. Alise will be entering pre-school in the fall and will be at school for the entire day. I’ve mixed feelings about this – I’m gonna miss hanging out with my little bud in the afternoons.


    In the picture above, she was awarded, ‘The Humorous Student’ in her group. And I can’t imagine a better title for her because this little girl is constantly trying to make people she loves, laugh. And we, do, easily.

    They then, had an quick graduation ceremony where all the kids who were slated to move up to preschool by fall, were moved in the back and dressed in graduation gowns.

    She looks so tiny on that stage there! I remember looking at her through my camera’s viewfinder and feeling amazed how far she’s come. Long gone are the days where I worried about her premature birth, the tentative diagnosis of cerebral¬†palsy (which ended up not being the case), of her developmental delays, of the impact of the move on her. That baby girl is perfectly fine. She loves to swim, to run with her older sister, to draw, paint and attempts to write. She loves clothes just like her momma and will spend hours changing her outfit, digging through her dresser drawers looking for a specific shirt or leggings. She loves to walk around the house with her little ‘I love you’ book, her Dad’s old Snoopy stuffed doll, her bags filled with odds and ends. She asks, ‘Why, who, why, where’ all the time and loves to talk about random things like cows being milked, swimming with her sister, and going to the store (to name a few).

    Most of all, she makes all of us laugh. And love.